About Maiden Lane Shop

Maiden Lane Shop:

The webshop "Maiden Lane Shop" sells the exclusive labels "Maiden Lane", "Bondstriet" and "Regent Garden".

Via our webshop we only offer the latest designs from the aforementioned collections online; We are not a physical store where you can view and fit the designs.

Are you looking for a physical store where you can view and fit "Maiden Lane", "Bondstriet" and "Regent Garden", visit the relevant websites and search for a point of sale in your area.

Maiden Lane - www.maidenlane.eu

About Maiden Lane:

A street in London, yes ... that's what we are named after.

But not just any street, this little street emphasizes everything our label stands for; refined, classic, vintage, chic and a little naughty.

Maiden Lane started with an exclusive collection of 7 different women's blazers.

Why 7 might you wonder ...?

If you look in our collars, you will find the answer; 7 days in a week; every day got its own unique blazer.

Don't run straight to the store right now and buy all the blazers from Friday, Saturday and Sunday ...

We all love the weekend ;-) but if you look at the horns of the other weekdays, you will fall in love instantly with Monday!

In the meantime, it is no longer just about collections of 7 blazers; As you can see here in the Maiden Lane Shop, we offer a wider selection of designs per season.

In different lengths, special prints, with exclusive fabrics and the so typical Maiden Lane details, which you can decide yourself whether or not to make them stand out.

For example, put on the collar or turn over the sleeve ends and you instantly turn into a typical Maiden Lane rebel!

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